My e-Kids Introduced Kids Curriculum focusing on Future

My e-Kid is a technology learning center that gives the Kid a freedom to explore, exercise and develop their cognitive skills. It has different modules, for example –
e-CEO, where students assume the role of a Chief Executive Officer. They simulate the responsibilities of a real CEO. And, by performing those tasks they will gain such knowledge that otherwise would be impossible. Some other programs are:
• e-Entrepreneur
• e-PC
• e-Artist
• e-City
• e-Hero
• e-Explorer
• e-Environment
• e-Reporter
• e-Manager
• e-Scientist
• e-Game
• IoT
• Robotics
The modules helps the children to develop their creativity and technical skills by simulating a real-life scenario. My e-Kid is working to help the child become the best contributor and to make the guardians a proud parents.