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Welcome to the Agile Bangladesh Symposium 2021

Once again Daffodil International Academy (DIA) is going to organize a very special and prestigious event “Agile Bangladesh”, to bring Industry-Academia together for setting a standard in order to do adaptive project planning, evolutionary development, ensure timely deliverables, continuous improvement and encourage rapid and flexible response to change using agile project management. So that we can meet the global industry needs.

You can’t achieve great management and agility by reading a tutorial. You need to hear stories of how others did it and network with experienced practitioners. Conferences are one of the best opportunities to hear those stories, find those people, and turn their advice into real-world practices. This symposium will provide you with a broad-based learning and networking experience.

What We Offer

Here 4 Workshops, 1 Seminar and meet with the industry people.

A group of impactful people gathers for the week-long experience — which attendees have described as “a journey into the future.”
Access to the conference and a workshop of your choice. Stick around for mind-blowing ideas from best speakers exclusively at Genesis Expo.
Plenary Sessions
It's hard to learn things on an empty stomach. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and unlimited tea and coffee are all part of the ticket price.
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The major objective of the “Agile Bangladesh Symposium” is to bring people from IT Industry-Academia to a common platform where they will get to share how best to exploit Agile Technologies. This will definitely give the participants an opportunity to explore their undiscovered talents through their unique ideas. Seminars and workshops by renowned speakers and educators will provide the required expertise which will be extremely helpful for the participants to improve their skills and meet the industry needs. This symposium will help them to focus on new techniques, development and transfer to new areas of technologies.

Agile practitioners, Software Developers, project managers, business analysts, programmers,Testers, Designers, Architects, Team Leads, Project Managers, Q&A practitioners, UX designers, board members interested in agile methodologies, data scientists, cloud specialists CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, COOs, Executives, Academics, Researchers and IT graduates.

There are more than 100 reasons why you should attend and maybe also speak at an Agile Symposium. Here are the top 5 Reasons to Attend :

  • Sharpen your axe! Preserve and develop your greatest asset: You! Take a break from the “work” of your work to sharpen your skills, renew yourself and improve your competence to handle the challenges around you!
  • Acquire new knowledge! Regardless of your Agile/Lean knowledge level, Agile Bangladesh got you covered with several agile tracks for the beginner, intermediate and experienced practitioner: Scaling Agile, Agile Transformation, Scrum in Education, Coaching & Facilitation, Lean & Kaizen, Product Development, Engineering Practices, and Customer Development.
  • Connect, share and learn (Professional Networking)! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to connect and learn with the best Lean & Agile practitioners in the field, forge new relationships with your peers and share your knowledge with others!
  • Hear from top agile practitioners and get expert feedback! Learn from industry & Academia experts. Also, let’s Experience real-world scenarios from the industry experts how much they are different from the academic level.
  • Opportunity to ask questions and receive advice with an allotted Q&A following each session.