Pre-University Programme

Level 3 International Foundation Diploma for Higher Education Studies (L3IFDHES)

Brief: Welcome to our prestigious Pre-University Programme—a transformative journey designed to empower and prepare you for the exciting world of higher education.

Why Pre-University Programme: Embarking on your academic voyage is a critical moment, and our Pre-University Programme is your compass. It offers a well-structured path that not only eases the transition from high school but also equips you with the skills, knowledge, and unwavering confidence needed to thrive at the university level.

Objectives of the Programme: Our Pre-University Programme is strategically crafted to:

  • Cultivate academic excellence
  • Provide clarity on career choices
  • Foster personal growth, self-assurance, and independence
  • Nurture a global perspective
  • Hone your communication prowess

Program Duration: The journey typically spans one to two years, offering flexibility to cater to your unique academic needs and aspirations.

Degree Level: Upon completion, you’ll be prepared to tackle undergraduate studies at prestigious universities worldwide.


  • Unparalleled academic excellence
  • Crystal-clear career insights
  • Tremendous personal growth
  • A global outlook
  • Refined communication skills
  • Enhanced chances of securing university admissions

Tuition Fees: Our competitive tuition fees reflect the exceptional quality of education and support you’ll receive. Explore our range of scholarships and financial aid options to make your dreams a reality.

Our Pre-University Programme is meticulously crafted to provide a solid foundation for your journey towards university success. Highlights include:

  • A rigorous academic curriculum
  • Skill development focusing on critical thinking, research, and time management
  • Expert guidance through the college application and standardized testing process
  • Engaging extracurricular activities to nurture holistic growth
  • Opportunities for meaningful networking with peers and faculty
  • Brief: Elevate your academic journey with seamless campus transfer options to globally recognized universities, ensuring your educational aspirations remain uninterrupted.

    Your Study Progression: We’ll be your guiding light throughout your academic odyssey, helping you navigate the labyrinth of university choices and prepare outstanding applications.

    University of Greenwich: Our esteemed partnership with the University of Greenwich unlocks the doors to a prestigious UK education, enriching your global perspective.

    University of South Wales: The University of South Wales warmly welcomes our Pre-University Programme graduates, offering a diverse and vibrant campus experience.

    Brief: Embark on your path to academic excellence with our Pre-University Programme—a stepping stone towards a promising future.

    Intake: Multiple intakes are available throughout the year, allowing you to tailor your academic journey to your specific timeline.

    For inquiries, admission details, and comprehensive program information, our dedicated team is ready to assist you:
    Phone: 01811458853, 01713493196
    Address: Daffodil Concord Tower, 19/1, West Panthapath (Opposite of Square Hospital).

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