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Welcome to the Agile Bangladesh Symposium

Agile Bangladesh Symposium 2021 aims to provide a forum for fruitful interactions and discussions among Software Developers, Testers, Designers, Architects, Team Leads, Project Managers, CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, COOs, Executives, Academics, and Researchers.

[Our Guests]
Inaugural session

Mohammad Nuruzzaman

[Group CEO, DaffodilFamily]

Sarwar Hossain Mollah

[Head, Dept. of CIS, DIU]
[Our Speakers]
Invited Speakers in Different Sessions

A. Zafor Sadeq Bhuiyan


Tawfiq M. Abdus Sattar

[ICP-ACC® | CSP® | CSM®| CSD®]

Mustafizur Rahman

[Software Engg. Methods & Mgt]

Arijit Sarbagna

[Scrum@Scale Trainer]

Dr. Sheak Rashed Haider Noori

[Associate Professor and Associate Head ]

Mr. Md. Khaled Sohel

[Assistant Professor, SWE, DIU]
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